Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Problem with trying to recreate Pinterest photos

is your 5 year old daughter looks at you like you've lost your mind and incredulously says, "Mommy. . .you bought 2 tree with no leaves??

In deciding how I wanted to decorate our mantle for Christmas I started with Pinterest.  Pinterest is a great resource in looking for inspiration - you can search for ANYTHING and chances are it has been pinned.  After combing through pin after pin I was determined recreate THIS PICTURE from Centsational Girl's 2012 Holiday Home Tour. I thought the branches would be perfect to anchor the mirror on my mantle and I set about to make it happen.

Did you know branches are the latest trend in wedding centerpieces?  Well I did not until I googled "DIY Branch" and came upon a plethora of ideas. My search led me to Blooms & Branches where I found myself purchasing 2 Sandblasted Manzanita Branches.

A big box showed up at my doorstep and the branches were perfectly packed and in great condition.

I will admit that once I saw the branches my first thought was, "What am I going to do with these?

They were huge and leggy - just what you would expect branches to be but they looked NOTHING like THIS PICTURE.  The base was also too big for the container I planned to use on the mantle:

At this point I started to think I've made a huge mistake and see if Blooms & Branches has a return policy.

The lesson in all this is you can never recreate exactly what you see on Pinterest and if you try you may just find yourself with 2 large tree branches wondering what to do.  I did manage to make it work and you'll have to stay tuned in how I did it. Hint: the branches never made it to the mantle

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