Monday, March 8, 2010

We joined a gym. . .

A little back story. . .years before Miss J entered our lives, Hubby and I were members of this gym. I had a free membership through the company I worked for at the time and it only made sense for Hubby (who at the time was 'boyfriend') to join as well. We joined with the BEST of intentions. I planned to take Cardio Kickboxing classes three times a week, Hubby planned to utilize the weight and pool areas and we did that. . . for maybe 2 weeks. Our attendance at the gym slowly dwindled to once a week to once a month to once in awhile to take advantage of the outdoor pools. Around the time we got engaged (and in an effort to save money for our wedding) we decided to stop fooling ourselves and canceled our membership.

Fast forward to August 2009. Miss J was 8 months old and I did not like what I saw in the mirror. (ME not her!) I felt and looked frumpy and immediately decided to do something about it.

First, I got a haircut because it always makes me feel less frumpy. During our trip to Arizona in September I visited MAC with my sister and with the help of a MAC makeup artist purchased makeup for an 'everyday face.' After that it was time to tackle health and wellness - out went the junk food and in came meal planning.

I managed to lose a nice bit of weight by just planning our meals and taking daily walks. But then came the month of December and I found myself unable to get over a dreaded "plateau." I tried working out at home - 30 Day Shred, anyone? But got bored after two weeks. So after an additional two weeks of prodding Hubby and promising that the membership would be used . . . Nelly, her Nerd and Miss J are members of a nice family oriented gym about 15 minutes from our house. :-)

We've been members for a month and Miss J and I LOVE it. Miss J is adapting the the child center and has even started swim lessons at the indoor pool! I've lost 5 additional pounds and inches. Hubby, on the other hand, has yet to find the time to make his second visit. :-P