Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Christmas Home Decor Tour

I LOVE Christmas. I love Christmas decorations. I love the season of giving. I just love it all!  I'm so happy Kelly is hosting a Christmas decor link up. . because I also loving looking at everyone's Christmas decor.  It's as if instead of seeing a Christmas tree lit up outside your window I get a tour of everyone's homes. So without further ado, grab a cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea sit back and enjoy the tour of our home:

*picture heavy post! If you'd like a video tour please visit our YouTube Channel - Nelly and her Nerd - (and subscribe!) to view a video of our home*

I put together entirely new mantle decor this year to replace the Texans mantle we've had previous years.  No worries! We repurposed the Texans stuff. . .you'll see later in this post.

I purchased the wreath from Home Depot and added flower picks (Michaels) and starfish (Amazon). The wreath is pre-lit but sadly does not give as much light as I want so next year I'll be adding an extra string!

I originally wanted to use the tree branches I purchased from Blooms and Branches (see this post) but they were too big.  Instead I used glittery picks I found at Michaels and put them in turquoise frosted vases I found at Hobby Lobby

Added the deer (Hobby Lobby) and candle holders (Walmart) to fill it out - though I have yet to light the candles.

The blue mecury glass looking candle holders were a steal at Walmart - only $6!

For the garland I wrapped 2 garlands on top of each other to help it look nice and full.  I then strung lights (Hobby Lobby), wrapped glittery garland (Michaels), added floral picks (Michaels) and the starfish (Amazon).

The deer were purchased by Mrs. Debbie (Life is Better by the Pool) a few years ago.  Out of everything on the mantle these deer get the most compliments! Now if only I could figure out a way to pack the antlers so they don't come out of the box broken. . .EVERY YEAR. 
Ideas anyone? I've tried bubble wrap, tissue and old receiving blankets.

The stockings are new this year and are from Hobby Lobby.  I was late and unable to get them monogrammed this year - definitely on the to-do list for next year!

And this is where the branches ended up! I repurposed the glass containers and tinsel to hold them.  I saw the Angel at Hobby Lobby and knew I had to have her.  This is on the table behind our sofa is one of the first things you see when you walk in the front door. 

Santa's bell hanging on the branches. . .can you hear it ringing? (Polar Express Reference)

Pardon the crooked Angel at the top of the tree.  I wrap our tree in white deco mesh, add the silver, glittery picks to the top and then let Hubby and Miss J go to town putting the ornaments on.

The ornaments are a combination of family heirlooms, childhood ornaments from both Me and Hubby, ornaments Miss J has made in the past few years and ornaments we've collected over time.  This one is extra special to us because Hubby's mom gave it to us in 2010.  When his Mom was alive EVERYONE called Miss J "Peanut". Well, after she passed away the name did as well so this is a special reminder that Miss J used to be ours and everyone else's "Peanut."

The entryway table is where we display our nutcrackers.  

Miss J's favorite is the Home Depot one. . .of course!

This tree is my "coastal" tree.  I purchased most of the glass sea ornaments from Strand Bass in  Galveston, TX. This tree goes really well with the portrait wall next to it.  The pictures next to the tree are of Miss J's first trip to Pensacola Beach and our honeymoon in Tahiti. (not shown)

Close-ups of a few of our sea ornaments.

For the tablescape on the dining room table I wanted to use more rustic colors to offset the white decor.

I call this my "clearance" table because it's a collection of decor I've picked up in after Christmas sales over the years.  It goes together well - don't you think?

We are huge Houston Texans fans and this wreath and garland used to be over our mantle.  After we repainted the living room this fall I decided to change it up and Miss J's doorway is where the decor ended up.  She is  HUGE Texans fan.  .  .or should I say JJ Watt fan?

I crafted the wreath out of red, white and blue deco mesh, added the footballs from the craft section of Hobby Lobby and printed out Texans clipart to hot glue onto the wreath.

The garland is red deco mesh with blue wired ribbon layered over it.  I floral wired the helmet and ornaments to it to keep it snugly in place.

Our Disney tree is located in Miss J's room. It is mostly filled with Disney's Sketchbook ornaments which can be purchased at any Disney store.(wait for a coupon to get a good deal) Instead of Mickey ears, J decided she wanted her reindeer antler headband as the topper. It's her tree so I let her do whatever she wanted.

Some of our favorite ornaments:

I inserted silver glitter picks all over the tree to give it more pizzazz.

That's it for now! Please leave a comment below with a link to your Christmas decor - I would LOVE to see it!