Monday, December 13, 2010

Deck the Halls!

In an effort to start blogging AGAIN, (see first blog here) I figure my first real post should be the Christmas decor I've been working so hard on the past week and what better way to present it than to participate in the Christmas 2010 Tour of Homes! My decor and pictures are nowhere near the quality of some of the posts I've browsed but I figure what the heck!
Every year I like to add something new to our outdoor decor and when I saw Thrifty Decor Chick's decorated doorway I was totally inspired and had to have it! (more info about doorway here)

Living Room
Our living room/family room is basically one big great room and I try to inject a little Christmas cheer on any surface I'm able too. This isn't easy as I have to also keep in mind that Miss J LOVES anything shiny and new!

Christmas Tree
I started the pink Christmas tree when I was pregnant with Miss J. At the time, I intended it to be a one time thing but I loved it so much the tree has stayed!

I alway display Christmas cards on our dresser and I've only received two so far. I wonder if this is because I did not send any out last year?

Our boring mantle - Any ideas are welcome!
Snowmen stockings

Nutcrackers -
Hubby and I used to collect one every year but for some reason stopped in 2008.  I definitely plan to start up this tradition again and let Miss J choose a Nutcracker this year!

Nativity Scene over the piano. These figures used to belong to my Mom and were "gifted" to me when my Mom decided to stop decorating.

Another Nativity scene - This one was gifted to us by Miss J's Hello and Pop. It's handcrafted out of olive wood.

Minnie and Mickey used to reside in Hello and Pop's front yard but was gifted to Miss J in honor of her first trip to Disneyworld next year! They're in such great condition for being part of their outdoor Christmas decor and Miss J loves them so much I had to have them in the house. 
Little area under the window in our living room - these end table are loaded with Miss J's living room toys.  Left over branches from our tree sit in the vase, the Nutcracker in the back is a giftbox meant to hold wine and the reindeer jar was a cookie gift from a few years ago. (now hold leftover candy from Miss J's second birthday party)

During Miss J's waking hours the ornaments in this basket are usually scattered all around the house. Thank goodness they're shatterproof!
The western themed Christmas tree was part of the decor for Miss J's first birthday party last year.

The details on it are so cute!

The puny wreath over our kitchen window - I'm definitely changing this next year!
Hubby and I saved this bottle from a trip to Aspen we took in 2005. We had such a great time on the trip and loved the wine as well. (it's stuffed with a small string of Christmas lights)
Thanks for visting and be sure to visit The Nesting Place for more Christmas decor!


  1. So pretty!!! Love that little tree with the horse on it! Beautiful wreath on your front door!

  2. Oh, I've got a few people in this house that would CRAZY for that Mickey and Minnie! What a beautiful home!

  3. You are missing a couple of stockings and a toy cluttered living room :-)

  4. That fourth picture down looks just like it came out of a magazine. lovely. Kelly